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Topics: Global Peace Index, Canada, Peace Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Canada is a country that is often undervalued, overlooked, and unappreciated when in fact, it is actually awesome. Growing up in Canada has molded me into who I am today –a peaceful, chill, and a fun loving individual. I am here to talk to you about how growing up in Canada has shaped who I am and why Canada is so awesome.

According to the Global Peace Index’s 2012 findings where countries most at peace are ranked, Canada ranks 4th while unfortunately the country we are standing in today is ranked 88th. The only things we’ll really get riled up about are hockey and the ice-cappuccino machines breaking down during the summer at Tim Hortons.

I have also found that Canadians have a much more slow-paced lifestyle. According to my cousins who are both from Canada but now are living and working in America, “Canadians tend to have a slower pace of life and have much more downtime.” This reflects itself in the countless long weekends we have, including ‘family day’ which is a Monday dedicated to strengthening the family unit.

If you are naturally a clumsy, accident-prone person, Canada is a great place to live. Break your legs and arms as many times as you like, go to the emergency room for strange stomach cramps which google told you was cancer… as americans, you would all expect to get a huge bill, right? Not in Canada. According to the Public Health Care Agency of Canada, this is how it works: everyone gets a Care Card from birth, and each family pays a yearly premium based on their annual income. Post-high school, full-time students don’t pay anything at all, and seniors usually get cheaper prescriptions. Everyone else pays for prescriptions and dental although these are almost always covered by employee benefit plans.

Looking back on my personal experience, growing up in Canada was probably the greatest thing I could have asked for. Drive half an hour in one direction, and I could be in thick bush surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes. Drive...
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