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  • Published : March 24, 2008
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"Athens, eye of Greece, mother of arts and eloquence. This is how famous poet John Milton describes this amazing city. Although I have personally never been to Athens but I researched it using Athen's City Guide, Athen's Survival Guide and a World Book article all accessed on January 28th, 2008. As college students we are able to travel all over the world using study abroad and if you're like me you'd like to go to new and exciting places. So if you'd like to go to Greece, three things you would absolutely have to do are visit the Acropolis, experience the nightlife and visit some of the awesome museums. So one thing you absolutely have to do when you go to Athens is visit the Acropolis, which translates to "high city." And on the Acropolis are three famous buildings that were built including the Parthenon, the Erecthium, and the Temple of Nike. The Parthenon was built between 447 and 438 BC and was dedicated to Athena Parthenos and is an international symbol for Athens, it's one of the most popular. The Erecthium was built between 421 and 405 BC and the Temple of Nike was built in 420 BC. After visiting the Acropolis if you'd like your mind to soak in all you learned you can experience some of the nightlife of Athens which is said to rival that of LA and New York nightlife. So two things you could do are go to music clubs and one of the famous forms of music in Athens is Rembetica which is the Greek underground music and it was influenced by forced immigration of 2 million Greek refugees and they have many Rembetica clubs including Rembetica Astoria. If you'd rather see and movie and not listen to music you can go to one of the outdoor cinemas that they have all over the city. They're either on rooftops or in parks and 90% of the movies shown are actually kept in their original language which is usually English because Greece is one of the few european nations that doesn't dub their movies, they just use subtitles. So after visiting the Acropolis and going to...
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