Speech on Friendship

Topics: High school, College, Secondary school Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to all the repected teachers and my charming beautiful friends . Let me introduce myself , my name is Nur Farahin Binti Samsudin from class 6R3 . Dear friends , im standing here today to continue our English week programme by delivering a speech . Today , im not going to talk about the environment , drugs , weather , education , politics or even about the world wide issues . But im going to talk about you , you , you and all of you . SECONDARY SCHOOL LIFE : PRISON OR PARADISE ? You decide at the end of my speech . School is the Platforms of Life. So Make It Count.

"Some parts of life you can do without,
but school isn't one of them."
School is a place to explore, to experience, discover yourself as an individual. It's believing, it's achieving and a time to learn. It's expectations, developing responsibilities and it's social. Highs, lows, emotions, romance, friendships, enemies, relationships, surviving, reputation, joy, sadness, broken hearts, academic, status, popularities , sports, temptations, rules, regulations, and intimidation are words that all come to mind. It's life, hang-in, step it up, plan and prepare. I said twice , Make it count because School is not forever. If you think about it, though, we should embrace going back to school. When the day comes that there’s no school to go back to, we’ll miss it more than we think.

There is no other time in our lives where we’ll experience anything like what we’re experiencing now. Never again will your biggest worries in life be about that science homework you didn’t finish, or why “Amirul” is ignoring you, or the horrible possibility of getting a pimple every Monday . Never again will you be a part of a community where an age difference of a year matters so much, and the moving up a grade, from junior to senior, seems so significant. I have some advice . Whether you stepped in , in this school this morning as an incoming freshman , or as a five years...
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