Speech on Fantasy Sports

Topics: Fantasy sports, Fantasy sport, Fantasy football Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: March 17, 2012
Tyler Sweet
Introduction to public speaking
Speech 1

Fantasy Sports

Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to teach the audience about fantasy sports.

I. Introduction: *Introduce self*
A. Attention grabber- How many of you have ever been mad at an owner of your favorite team enough to think gosh I wish I was an owner? Well with fantasy sports you are an owner of your team.

B. Main points- During this speech, I will be talking about what fantasy sports is, the history of fantasy sports and finally where and how you play fantasy sports.

II. Body
A. What is fantasy sports?
1 .It is a game where participants act as owners to build a team that competes against other fantasy owners based on the statistics generated by the real individual players or teams of a professional sport. 2. There are many different fantasy sports including fantasy cricket, fantasy soccer, fantasy golf, fantasy hockey, fantasy auto racing, and fantasy wrestling. 3. The more popular sports though include fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, and fantasy football.

B. History of fantasy sports?
1. In 1960, a Harvard University professor, William Gamson started a baseball seminar where his colleagues would form rosters that earned points on the player’s stats. 2. However the known founder of current day fantasy sports is Daniel Okrent. 3. So baseball was the first fantasy sport that was developed in 1960 4. In 1962 fantasy football was founded by Bob Wikenbach

5. In 1992 fantasy basketball was founded by CBS.

Transition: told you the history of it I bet everyone is wondering how you play?

C. How to play fantasy sports?
1. You get to pick your own players based on a draft style, which means that if there are ten owners in the league it goes in order based on a lottery system. 2. During the draft you get a minute and a half to draft your player you want. 3. You draft a player for each position that there is in...
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