Speech on Eating Healthy While Having a Busy Lifestyle

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1.0 Objectives

Understanding the definition of planning, nature and the importance of planning-planning type understanding vision, mission, objectives and the importance of objective type. Analyzing and planning management level and understanding the definition and use of a planning tool

2.0 Introduction

Planning can be defined as a process in which managers set goals and decide on the most appropriate action to take to achieve those goals. According to Certo (1997), planning is the process of determining how the management system will achieve its goals. Planning determines how an organization capable of working towards desired. According to the DE module writers UKM, planning is an activity that involves things like determining what goals to be achieved by an organization, how to achieve the goals set and use appropriate methods to achieve that goal. Thus, we can conclude that planning is a process that involves all the individuals in the organization, all variables of the internal and external environment that is managed to achieve the goals set.

Before a person is looking with a better understanding of the concept of management as a whole, it is better if people understand more clearly about the organization and its characteristics. Deep understanding of important concepts such as the management of the organization and the organization is an inseparable relationship. The existence of an organization, whether small or large organizations, private or public sector requires management or operation of the activities of the organization. Organization can be defined as a social unit consisting of people who work together and are interdependent with one another in order to achieve individual, team, and organization. The above definition explains the elements that should be included in an organization: the organization as a social unit, the consolidation effort, and the relationship between an individual with another individual. When the organization is regarded as a social unit, which means it has a number of employees who have been given a specific role to carry out a task. They must work together and communicate with each other to accomplish a task. If they are carrying out their duties without the need for the services and cooperation of the other party, of course, the work carried out can not be completed as required both in terms of time, quality, quantity, and other specifications. An organization needs workers to unite their efforts in order to achieve the desired objective. If there is no unity among the workers, of course, the organization is not able to carry out their activities effectively and properly. State organization will be a mess without any particular direction. Consolidation efforts should exist within the organization to ensure attainment of those listed. The relationship between employees provide the organization moving very well organized and effective. Coordination through rules and procedures created to enhance the relationship between a function and one function to another and between individuals and other individuals. An organization that has been formed will reflect its own identity. For example, a university should symbolize a place to gain knowledge, as a research center, as well as an institution that provides services and contributions to society either in the form of guidance or advice, and other teaching and learning. To reflect the identity or high values ​​as an ivory tower, the university should play the role expected of the campus community in particular and society in general. Thus the function of a university is found to be different from other organizations that have a specific purpose. In an organization, whether small or large organization, it has a level of hierarchy or authority. Compared between the two organizations large and small, of course it is different in terms of the number of hierarchy (level) activity and the number of managerial staff at all levels....
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