Speech on Driving

Topics: Automobile, Driving, Driver's license Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: September 28, 2011
What was your favorite toy growing? Well mine was my barbie jeep. It was purchased for me when I was five years old. What was not to love pink with purple trim. I was very eager to get the jeep home and get it all charged. I let it charge over night so it would be ready to go the next day. I hopped in the jeep put the jeep in fast mode and took off before my mom could show be how to use the brake I crashed into a picnic table. Little did I know that was going to be the beginning of my driving record. I'm sure many of us have had parents who let them back the car up or park it well my obsession to drive went a little deeper than that. My first driving experience was at the age of 13.

always told people I was older
took advantage of unsuspecting drunk men hoping they would let me drive worked a couple times until others caught on to my game hopefully drivers ed is ready for me age 15 1/2
luckily the drivers ed teacher had control on their side in case
I can honestly say I only need assistance once
the teacher told me to driver a little faster and also to take a left hand turn
which i took it to fast and to sharp but he assisted me with it
Of course I passed my drivers test it's test of basic principles on driving not long distance. I hit the real world of driving and may have had a warning or 2 which we all know lead into a speeding ticket. After age of 18 my driving went down hill.

Manage to total 4 cars with in 4 years.
1st rolled because of weather conditions
2nd. side swiped
3nd rolled possible unattetive driving/sun
4 started on fire have no clue how
I'm doing pretty good it has been over a year since my last accident.

I hope I have been able to make you laugh an reassure your self that you are not the worst driver. I'm sure if difinately made you think twice before getting in a car with me to drive. I hope your favorite childhood toy had this much impact on your life as...
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