Speech on Dreams. - by Laura Aberle.

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  • Published: February 15, 2004
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Have you ever wondered how dreams come about...whether the BFG really existed? That this huge giant would stalk around at night catching dreams to trap them into jars and blowing them into your ears to determine what sort of dreams you would have that night? Well, you will find out very soon.

Good morning to one and all. Today, I will be delivering a speech on the topic 'dreams'. I'm sure many of u here might find this topic strange. A speech? On dreams? You must be joking! Some of u might scoff. But perhaps, after listening, you might realize it is actually quite interesting.

Did you know it is possible that you can get rid of your fear of something in your dreams, and that's because the things we are afraid of during the daytime often turn up again in our nightmares. We can make good use of this, however. It appears that some people deal with their daytime fears in their dreams. This was the case in the following example:

A woman was awfully afraid of spiders. In a dream a big spider was approaching her. The hairy crawler came nearer and nearer, until it touched her. But she felt quiet, and not afraid. Afterwards she noticed that by day she was no longer afraid of spiders either.

Sounds amazing? Well, this is not at all as mysterious as it sounds. 'Overcoming your fear' in this way is also possible in your dream. Nightmares can be caused by some physical problem (a well known example is someone who dreams about fire and wakes up with a fever).

Everybody knows how realistic dreams can be. Usually you only realize that 'it was all a dream' after you have woken up. Well, here is an exercise you can do doing your free time to understand lucid dreams, which are dreams in which you know you are dreaming, better. Look around in the room in which you find yourself. Look at the objects, feel the clothes you are wearing, listen to all the sounds around you. Perhaps you still taste something you have eaten. Now imagine that you realize (in one way or the...
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