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Haydn Flemming
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When BMW introduced the first generation of the BMW 3 Series onto the market 30 years ago, they had just reached a new record number of employees, at 29,000. Today, in contrast, the BMW Group employs almost 106,000 employees worldwide. Total sales for BMW for 1975, including all model series together, was slightly more than 226,000 automobiles. Last year, they sold more vehicles of the BMW 5 Series alone. In 2004, they sold almost twice as many BMW 3 Series cars - 450,000 vehicles, and in 2004 they also sold around 48,000 of the BMW 7 Series. Counting all three core model series together, last year they sold more than 727,000 vehicles, with the BMW 3, 5 and 7 Series together. This amounts to 71 percent of total sales of the BMW brand and is almost as many vehicles as the BMW brand sold in 1999 across all model series. Naturally, the Company's growth and its continuing internationalization are not just due to the success of the three core model series. They have developed further in many areas over the past 30 years. In recent years, they primarily expanded successfully with their brand and product portfolio. Furthermore, the success of the past 30 years is closely linked to the BMW 3, BMW 5 and BMW 7 Series. They are the strong pillars on which they stand. With each new generation of these core model series, they have managed to continue growing in sales over the lifecycle, while improving their position in the respective segments: For example, the BMW 3 Series was segment leader in its class from the start. Thank you for listening.
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