Speech of Littering

Topics: Litter, Sweden, Cleanliness Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: May 19, 2012

750 000 000 cigarette fimps are thrown on the ground each year only in Sweden. That is 10 000 hot tubes filled with cigarettes. Today No one can walk down the street or anywhere without seeing litter on the ground and today I am going to talk about three things.

A. obvious, people think its dirty, depressing.
B. Our Taxes goes to clean up all the litter.
C. Litter is unhealthy and hazardous for both people and animals.


I. A. Problem –Studies have showed that litter has effects on our aura and feelings 1. Litter looks bad and is depressing.
If you are a teenager or “young adult” you probably have had or have a messy room. I myself have it and it feels kind of depressing walking into a messy room. So even if it´s not so fun to clean up don´t you all feel a little bit better after cleaning up a messy room. Studies have showed that litter effects our feelings and make us feel depressed. So clean up and feel better.

B. Problem - litter can be expensive
1. It costs us a lot of tax money to clean up all the litter, have you ever been out in the city on a Sunday morning before the city cleaners arrives? I have been that several times and it looks like shit. According to Stockholm city´s homepage, city cleaning cost Swedish tax payers 380 million Swedish kroner’s each year. That sum could pay 1405 teachers salary for a year.

C. Problem - Litter can be bad for animals and for you.
1. Take trash in water for an example. you can Get cut by bottles or cans underwater, those type of injuries is today a big problem and cost a lot of moneys. For animals litter could be very dangerous. Did you know that It takes 3 years for a cigarette to distinguish in the nature and it takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to become decomposed in nature.

Transition - "There is one easy and obvious way to tackle litter problems" , Litter Is a problem that is effecting everyone and at the same time can be prevented by everyone through every...
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