Speech of Demonstration

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Speech of Demonstration

By | November 2012
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Speech of Demonstration


Topic: How to fix a hole in the wall

Title: Repairing a hole on the Wall

Specific Purpose: To demonstrate to my audience how to fix a hole on drywall.

Thesis (Central Idea): The steps involved in cleaning, preparing and patching a hole on the wall.

Attention Getter: Have you or anyone you know, ever accidently made a hole in the wall? Holes are commonly made accident made by door knobs, kids playing and hitting the wall with an object or sometimes by just punching the wall. Today I will be showing you the easiest and least expensive way to fix it yourself.

Relate to self: As a home owner it is beneficial to know a little about home repair. Being a home owner I have learned most of the repair work researching, how to books and on the internet repair help pages.

Relate to audience: Some of you may also be home owners, and you can save some cash if you’re able to do simple home repairs yourself.

Preview of main points: It takes several steps in patching/fixing a hole on your drywall – I will discuss gathering the materials, cleaning around the area, applying drywall compound and sanding and painting the drywall after it’s repaired.

Transition: Let’s start by gathering the materials needed.


Point 1. When doing home repairs, it is a good idea to make a list of the supplies and shop around to get the best price.

A. There are several supplies that are essential to complete the project. You will need: • Soft bristle brush
• Medium to fine grit sandpaper
• Utility knife
• Drywall screws (optional if you want to secure the patch) • Drywall compound
• Putty knife
• Drywall sheet
• Drywall tape or patch kit
• Paint brush and paint are optional
B. Most of these are available at home depot or any...