Speech of Commemoration

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Speech Preparation Outlines

The speech outline helps you decide what you will say in the introduction, how you will organise the main points and supporting materials in the body of the speech, and what you will say in the conclusion (Lucas, 2009, pp.208-215). It is required for your Toga Speech in Week 7 and Final/Persuasive Speech in Week 11. Your outline must include information under all headings A – M below). See textbook for further details.

Note: For higher marks, also identify the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ – the theories supporting the development and organisation of your speech. Throughout the outline (not just at the end) you must also identify, in underlined boldface italics, where you have used speech devices e.g. anecdote, rhetorical question, eye contact, audience involvement, shock, emotion, metaphor, simile, power of 3, alliteration, parallelism, repetition, humour, etc. The lecturer will introduce you to speech devices.

For example:
“Before I deliver my first main point, I will adopt a conversational tone as I look at each member of the audience (Mike’s Magic Maxim #3, Week 1 Lecture) to strengthen my connection with them (eye contact). “In most circumstances, one of the quickest ways to establish a communicative bond with your listeners is to look at them personally and pleasantly” (Lucas, 2009, p.257).”

Use complete referencing – (1) in the body of your outline or as footnotes (as in the example above), plus (2) in the bibliography. No marks will be given for incomplete sources e.g. “Lucas, 2009” or “Lecture PowerPoint”.

Speech Preparation Outline Template

A. Name: ___________________________ Tutorial Day and Time:____________

B. “What is my message?” In one concise sentence, state the point of your speech.

C. Audience Analysis:
The essence of speechmaking is not to learn a role that can be played over and over without variation, but to adapt one’s ideas to particular audiences on...
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