Speech, Language and Communication

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Speech, Language & Communication
1.1 Explain Terms:
Speech – is oral communication between people, with the ability to express feelings and thoughts, something that is spoken, an utterance, remark or declaration. Language – the words people use to communicate within their community, nation, geographical area and cultural tradition. Communication – is where language is used to interchange thoughts, feelings, information and opinions using speech to each other either between 2 people or a group. Speech, Language and Communication needs –

1.2 Explain how S, L & C support these areas:
Learning – Speech, language and communication are the basis of being able to learn as a child from teaching words, numbers to rules, good and bad along with teaching them and developing their knowledge as every day a child’s mind is developing ever so slightly through learning. Emotional – Babies use sounds and facial expressions to develop an attachment and relationship with their main carers. Toddlers use words and body language to express their feelings (eg.temper tantrums) Pre-school children use speech and language to express their feelings and exert their independence (e.g. 'I want to do it') Behaviour – Being able to communicate is the basis of getting your feelings and thoughts but without this children can get frustrated and act out in other ways than using their speech producing bad behaviour, on the other hand children understanding your speech and language when you’re praising them can make them behave in a good way. Social – Speech, language and communication are a major part of a child’s social development, as being able to express themselves to other children can improve their confidence. 1.3 Describe impact of S, L & C difficulties on overall development now and in the long term. Being unable to communicate can create difficulties from the beginning of a child’s development, if they cannot use their speech or understand how to use the language can...
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