Speech Langauage

Topics: Phonation, Phonetics, Tongue Pages: 3 (1207 words) Published: June 27, 2012
* “So You’ve Got to Write a Term Paper in SST 251"
When your instructors for SST 251: Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Language got together to decide the term paper requirements, we asked ourselves several questions.  First, how can we make this project meaningful and not just "busy work?"  Second, because this is an online section, how can we grade the term paper in a way that rewards students who do a commendable job?  The third and final question we asked ourselves was, "How can we make this term paper assignment a true learning experience in speech and language anatomy and physiology for the students?"  After discussing several options, we came upon the following assignment that we think answers positively all three questions.  It is really quite simple.  We want you to select a word that has two or more syllables and also has a nasal sound in it (e.g., /m/, /n/, or /ŋ/ as in gong).  Then, we want you describe the muscular activities used in its production.  When you describe the muscular activities in the production of each sound of this word, you should name and describe the muscle, its origin and attachment, and its function (physiology) in producing the sound in the word. You should deal with only the major muscles in the speech sound production.  Section 1-Respiration: You should start with respiration because each sound needs breath support to produce it.  For example, to get air into the lungs (inspiration), the diaphragm must contract.  List the origin and insertion of the diaphragm, and why it helps in inspiration.  You should also discuss each of the other muscles used to expand the chest cavity.  After you have dealt with inspiration, you should explain how the air is expelled through the larynx. Be sure to explain the role of Boyle's Law in respiration. Section 2-Voicing: Your word will have voiced sounds in it. Discuss the muscles and ligaments involved in voicing including those that abduct and adduct the vocal folds, and those involved in...
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