Speech Ladies and Gentlemen

Topics: International trade, Export, Purchasing power parity Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Thank you all for coming here today. As I come here today, I will explain to you the current state of the United States macro economy. In this press conference, we will be discussing some of the questions and concerns. Afterwards, if there are any more questions, we will answer them then. Macroeconomics can be simply explained as stating it is the way that the economy is examined. It helps us understand how a part of the economy grows and why sometimes it does not. It can also give us reason of fluctuations, and what indicators cause the performance in our economy. What are the effects of having a surplus of imports in the U.S. One thing I would like to discuss is the surplus. A surplus is when we as a nation are importing more than we are exporting. At any time the United States has a surplus of any manufactured goods, it loses its value. This can make it where the good have to be sold, where there is no money that can be made from it. For an example, in the car industry, if there is an abundance of cars being imported it does not help us. Importing too many cars from other countries does not help the cars manufactures being built. The consumers are happy because the cars will sold for less, but our businesses will suffer the loss of money. How does international trade affect the countries GDP, domestic markets and university students? First we need to have a little understanding of how GDP affects a country. Gross Domestic Product is the value of all goods and services produced by a country in a given period of time (About.com). It adds another component to our GDP. The United States is only a small amount of consumers. If we traded only within ourselves we would not have a large customer base. This is where international trade helps us. It helps us increase our export and increase or competitiveness in the open market. We import more than we export, which lowers our GDP which affects are domestic markets because we continue to...
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