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Topics: The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, The Blind Side, Michael Oher Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: November 18, 2011
Good morning Mr Publisher. Today I am here to present you with texts that I believe will be suitable for your web page that you will be compiling for year 11 students based upon inspirational journeys. An inspirational journey is a journey that is moving, stimulating and touching to the audience and this is exactly why these two texts, the movie, ‘The blind Side”, written by John Lee Hancock and Peter Skrzynecki’s poem, “Immigrants at central station”, should be included in your webpage as they provide to the audience these exact emotions. Obstacles and struggles faced by characters in both texts must be overcome and these are what make the journeys in both pieces truly inspiring.

On every inspirational journey the character will face hardship but overcome these difficulties. On the opening scene of the movie, Michael Oher is traveling from his old house to his new neighborhood by car. The use of a car in this scene is the use symbolism demonstrating movement and a journey about to happen. As Michael is travelling it reveals his home, the dark, dirty, dull atmosphere in which he lived in. as he travels, It then changes to his new neighborhood, which shows greenery, bright colors and a clean look of atmosphere. This is the use of contrast used by Hancock to emphasis and reveal where Michael came from, the old to the new. This where Michael embarks in a life changing journey as he enters the new world. At the beginning it is hard for Michael but he overcomes this. This is the beginning of the inspiring story of Michael Oher’s journey.

Furthermore what is even more inspiring is that this journey of self-discovery is based on a true story. Every inspirational journey must be touching for the audience. The true story of Michael Oher is revealed at the end of the movie with real footage of himself, his new family and the success that he has become on his life-changning journey. This journey being a true story creates a more touching and moving experience...
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