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Bom dia meu nome é maria ignacia tenho dezesseis anos e moro em sao paulo brasil Good morning my name is maria ignacia i have sixteen years old and i live in sao paulo brazil I live in a place that is completelly different from here, we have a lot of buildings, factories and a lot of traffic, here i feel peaceful because i dont see traffic at all. sao paulo is the largest city in brazil and the worlds seventh largest city by population Back home i have 2 brothers, sebastian he is fifteen years old and francisco he is eleven years old, also my dad rodrigo he is forty five years old and and my mom carola she is forty one years old. The two month i have been here were so interesting living in another country that is completelly different from brazil, what impressed me most here is that they dont eat with knives and they dont have lunch as meal. In Brazil our classes end at 1 pm so after classe we go home to have lunch, another thing that is always impressing me is the weather, is getting more and more cold and in brazil we dont have cold, the most cold that we have is 50 fahrenheit, we dont have snow too. Something that really surprise ,e wat that here at PHN you guys are one big time when we talk about sports and take so seriously all sport in brazil the only thing that matter is soccer and to practice any sport you go to another place during the afternoon. When i come back i will have just 6 month of classes then i will go to the university to study international relationship. I also want to thank to the replogles and durfee for let me stay in their home and make me so confortable and thank you guys and phn for making this exchange the best
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