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Topics: Greeting, Gentleman, Form of the Good Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: November 18, 2012
* The greeting
* The opening
* Thesis statement
* Main point and supporting point

Assalammuaikum warrahmatullah hiwabarakatuh, Good evening and Salam 1Malaysia greeting. CEO –Mr. Lim Yoke
Manager Operational –En. Isa Harun
Manager Human Resource –En.Onn Jaafar
Manager Logistic- En. Kamal Suib
CEO , All Manager and Honourable guest ,
First and foremost we are grateful to Almighty for with his blessing together, we can get gathering in meaningful that is to celebrate Jasa Mu Di Kenang event. I also like to take opportunity to say big thank to all our honourable guest that able to spend time together celebrating this event. Lady and Gentleman,

2. Indeed, this very special event as we like to express sad that he will be leaving us and also we like to wish him good luck on his new carrier joining new multinasional company soon. Our special guest this evening are En. Isa our senior boss from transporting department which he finish his contract on 15 February 2012 .No words are appropriate to reflect the appreciation of the contribution and sacrifice by En. Isa to make our shipping company to be recognize in the Asia Pacific region. Lady and Gentleman ,

3. As we know that En. Isa ,is well known by all other department on his character well disiplin ,planning and more organize management .He is good manager and always give praise also rewarding staff such give us 3 month bonus ,who are doing the good job. He able to solve many problem daily operation work and never tried gives us advise ,training ,motivation to us as specially under him . In office environment ,he able to create harmonies among other staff. He are visionary manager that able give us direction and setting goal to us to reach organizational aim. Due to his job personel character ,he also make us proud that he is listed in the Economy Magazine and make company proud .

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