Speech: Cloning Humans

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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7.04 Kennedy and King Speech

Human cloning involves many social, moral, and ethical controversies. I would like to state my position: no to human cloning, we have made enough mistakes, and I am personally not ready for such trials of my humanity. Human cloning is perverse, abnormal, unhealthy and unnecessary. It is an unjustifiable waste of human and material resources. I’m glad that the scientists have failed because the less attractive the idea may be to those who want to keep attempting such a thing. Human cloning is a controversial issue that is becoming one of the debatable subjects. I have studied websites to find out what people think of a designer human being. The opinions are divided. Some people are for human cloning as an emotional compensation for our lives' naturally ending in deaths; others are horrified with this unhealthy idea. Why would you want a replicate of someone that might possibly hate you? For example if you mother or father passes away, would you want to replace them with a copy that won’t have the exact feelings he or she felt towards you? Why would you want to replace a loved one in the first place? The idea of death shouldn’t be negative, it’s a way to put the mind and body to rest and at one point we all have to do it. I believe the cloning humans is morally incorrect and in the eyes of religious zealots they’ll will argue that God created man in his own image, and that he is the creator of it all. So why would man challenge God in creating something when he shouldn’t have the ability to do so>
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