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Topics: Tobacco, Smoking, Nicotine Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Ban smoking in public places

Cancer, bad breath, toxic air and death. These are just some of the outcomes from smoking, smoking does not enhance your health in any way, smoking doesn’t only harm you but it also harms the one’s close to you. Cigarettes contain thousands of harmful substances and over sixty of these cause cancer. Even with these facts people are still smoking and the worst part of it is- In public which harms you as a non-smoker. Grey pale skin, yellow teath, black lunges and cough is some of the features of a long time smoker. Do you want to be one?

Probably not if you enjoy a good, healthy, long life. So let’s all agree on a non-smoking policy in public places so that we non-smokers don’t get harmed. Today cigarettes would not even be passed by the regulations to be retailed as it would be classified as a illegal drug. Cigarettes are highly addicting and every year 6500 persons die from smoking only in Sweden. In addition approxomatly 250 person die from the smoke pollution. When thinking about smoking it does not really have any positive effects as it is expensive and dangouros for enviroment and smokers. When producing cigarettes children are forced to work under slave conditions and many of them are nicotine poisoned. While the large tobacco companies are making billions in profit every year from this horrible industri. To expand their tobacco fields they also buy land and rainforest where they ruin and force the inhabitantes to move. Forcing families with violence and financial power contributes planet earth to a dangerous world thanks to smoking. The least we can do is to ban smoking in public to limit the future smoking generations and save lives of non-smokers.

Let’s all work for a non-smoking generation, work for less persons facing cancer, work for a healtier population on earth, starting today!
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