Speech Anxiety

Topics: English-language films, Anxiety, Learning Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: November 4, 2010
The most important thing I found out about my topic is that it is not impossible to conquer your fear and anxiety in speaking.
A lot of people are scared to speak in front of the crowd due to lack of confidence. They always feel that they will not be able to effectively relay their thoughts and ideas to their audience effectively because they will be swallowed by tension and anxiety. However, after researching about how to overcome anxiety and how to become an effective communicator, the solution does not really seem to be very difficult. The solutions posted by different authors and researchers as well as experts seem to be very easy and can easily be executed.

For example, speaking effectively can be learned through good listening, good focus and enriching your knowledge so that your understanding can give you a lot of ideas especially during speeches. Another example is by reading a lot more educational and informational articles so that when ask to do an extemporaneous, then you will not be able to find yourself speechless not de to tension or anxiety but due to lack of information.

The gift of gab is not given to everyone but can be acquired by everybody. There are really people who can speak spontaneously about different things without exerting too much effort. But this is not exclusive for this kind of people. Effective communication can be learned and mastered through proper education and a lot of practice. Exposure and opportunity to speak in front of people can likewise be a great ground for one to develop their communication skills. Many people who have conquered their fear can even be better communicator compared to those who are naturally spontaneous if they are really serious about enhancing their communication skills. An effective speaker can be seen when the person speaks confidently and is an intelligent communicator.
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