Speech Anxiety

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Speech Anxiety

Communication apprehension to me simple means the fear of speaking. I use the word “simple” very lightly. It has been something I have feared for many years in my life. It prevented me from finishing college, because I was unable to get up in front of my class and give a 45 minute speech.

Some of the factors that lead to communications apprehension are not being prepared and being too hard on yourself. Other factors that my also affect it there is anticipation of a hostile response from the audience. There are many ways to reduce speech anxiety. Be well prepared, have a positive attitude, practice your speech, anticipate the speech situation and practice active listening.

I believe I fall into the trait anxiety categories. I am my own worst enemy. I am afraid I will mispronounce a word or I will bore the audience, my palms get sweaty and my mouth gets dry. I begin second guessing myself and before you know it I have convinced myself I will fail. So instead of facing my fears I have just avoided and situation that would put me in the situation of public speaking.

As hard as I have tried not to have to get up in front over people and speak it has been a difficult thing to do. Whether it be participating at a seminar or education fellow employees. The best strategies that I have found that work for me are finding topics that interest me. It puts me at ease and I go in with the confidence I need to be able to communicate the information effectively. And I just “breath”.
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