Speech and Language

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068.2: Explain how speech, language and communications skills support each of the following areas in children’s development.

For children to develop they learn from those around them, and the environment around them.

To be able to survive and have their needs met, they have to develop the skills in which to make this happen.

As we have looked at earlier, children and adults and young people alike depend on their ability to communicate their feelings, intentions and needs through a learnt and agreed medium, be it through speech: the spoken word or in the form of language, whether written in words, signs and symbols that is recognised and agreed within their environment, .

In other for them to reach this goal LEARNING, is a skill that children use to develop their speech; they babble as babies to convey their feelings; they learn by the reaction they get that this gives pleasure to their parents and gain their attention – so they do it more! Slowly the ability to listen develops, and they start to form the words and imitate the what they have heard.

As they start to discover the world around them and ‘learn’ how to associate the words with an object, gesture and action that is then interpreted by the receiver as a message of feeling, intention or desire, or given as information.. For example a child goes to touch the iron every time mum is ironing; a firm NO is said, the child learns to recognise the change in tone, if repeated again and again. The child will develop the skill to read the mother’s facial expression and learn from her vocal reaction that it is not a good thing. Similarly a child learns and develops its understanding of the outside world by noticing every time it rains mum says the word ‘rain’, ‘its raining, we need our wellies, umbrella’, before long the child independently gets the wellies as soon as it rains.

The child remembers what has happened before, the connection between the wellies and the rain, and makes a...
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