Speech About Rh Bill

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  • Published : September 18, 2012
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As we all know RH bill or the reproductive health bill is a big issue for people against it especially the Catholic Church & the pro life. It is still on the big debate and deliberation, but the people concerned are still fighting for the RB bill to became proven law by the senate & house of representative. There are so many advantages of the bill with regards on Philippine life & economy. I do believe the lesser the member of a family the greater the possibility of every child would be given proper attention on their health and education. There will be better life for every child born, because their parents could provide them good food, shelter & education. Proper family planning would also lessen the number of street children. There will be responsible parenthood. Reproductive health bill could provide every couple with lust a proper method of family planning. The department of health with the help of every barangay officials would teach and provide the family planning method, suited and proper to every parent. I am for RH bill for it will modify & lift up the life of every child raised by a responsible mother. Unlike a certain family having large number of children, could never have proper food, shelter & education. As we all know the education is the key to success & the way that would change the life condition of every Filipinos. The RH bill would never mean to abort a child but to abort the future sufferings of every child. Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines considered RH bill is a sin against God’s will. But even without RH bill people are born sinners. The Catholic Church should give more attention on government corruption & greediness of the government officials.
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