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  • Published : October 9, 2010
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Product placement - a speech by A.Moritz
The year is 1906 and the radio was just invented by Guglielmo Marconi. It’s christmas eve and the sailers hear ’Oh holy night’ on their radio. It was the first radio program that was broadcasted in history. It wasn’t only a revolutionary thing at that time, but also the beginning of a whole new world. I’m not here to talk about the history of the radio. I’m here to talk about product placement and its different areas. But it was on the radio that the first product placement originally came from. Have you ever heard the word ”soap opera”? And you know that there’s often a lot of commercials and product placement in different soap opera shows, for example the swedish shows ”Vita lögner”, ”Skilda världar” and ”Andra avenyn”. There’s a connection between the name soap opera and all of the commercials and product placement. It’s actually originally from the time when the people listened to the radio instead of watching the TV, and in the middle of the opera broadcast, there would pop up a little commercial telling you to buy soap from for example ”Procter & Gamble” that was one of the largest soap producers at that time. So, I’ve actually not spoken anything about product placement itself, just about soap from ”Procter & Gamble”. Well, you can think of product placement like this. If you watch a movie or TV-show on the TV, there’s often some commercial breaks every twenty minutes or something like that. Imagine if you put the commercial inside of the movie instead of interfering with your movie. This would still give the message to the viewers, but in a more subtle form. But why do the movie companies actually allow other companies to put their products in the movie? Wouldn’t it just be annoying for the viewer to see all of these brands throughout the movie? The answer to that question is of course that it’s all about money. The movie companies wouldn’t afford to make all of these cool explosions and effects if they didn’t get...
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