Speech About Animal Cruelty

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Every year, billions of animals die because of animal testing, abuse and are forced to struggle for survival. Left in unsanitary conditions with no food or water, they have little hope as they live out their days without the compassion they deserve. Some are found and rescued, given the chance to experience how great life and humans can be; others aren't so lucky. It really saddens me to know how cruel the world is and it seems like everything is getting worse as the days go by. Animals are creatures without malicious intent; pure of heart and simple by nature. It is us the human beings that corrupt and twist what is pure to our own malicious intent and desires. How would you feel if someone burned you to death? How would you feel to get beaten by a bat or stomped on until you let out your last breath? You obviously wouldn’t like it. Did you know that thousands of illegal dog fights happen each week and to train the dogs, they starve them, and beat them so they become aggressive? Did you know that every single day more than 38,000 animals are used to test cosmetics, toiletries like toothpaste and shampoo, and household detergents and cleaners? Did you know that eighteen red foxes are killed to make one fox-fur coat, 55 minks to make a mink coat? Did you know that by 2022, 22% of all species will be extinct if no action is taken? What kind of heartless low lives would ever do such a thing? Hurting an innocent creature. What have they done to you that causes you to annihilate them? Nothing. To think that anyone could ever have the mentality to harm animals or anything that’s alive and breathing gets me so distraught! I can’t even imagine the hurt and pain these creatures go through. Example, what if you were a dog walking around the park, minding your own business and out of nowhere, someone totally random comes up to you and kicks you? What if they grab you by the neck and slam your head on the hard concrete? Would you like that? I think not. So why would you do...
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