Speech: Abolition of Political Parties

Topics: Democracy, Elections, Political party Pages: 3 (1115 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Troy Springer
Mr. Irvin
English 10 (P.7)
Persuasive Speech: “The Abolition of Political Parties as We Know Them” I am sure you have often heard a joke or two about how our government moves slow and doesn’t get anything done. So I thought… why is our government so slow? I know the reason. Today I will explain how The United States of America would benefit from the abolition of political parties as we know them.

Originally, political parties served society by highlighting interests, informing the public of their candidate’s ideas, and collectively developing ways to better our government. Today, political parties are run by outside Political Action Committees, Interest Groups, and Washington elites providing money which shape the platforms and the ideas of lawmakers. It is a stretch to call our money hungry system a democracy since money and the media have a greater impact on the functions of our government than quality ideas do. If the United States were to abolish our current two party political system and elect political candidates as independents, the efficiency of our government would increase, money would take a lesser role in electing our officials, and politicians would be free to create new ideas in which the functions of the government would be based popular opinion. After all, this is what our founding fathers intended. George Washington, in his farewell address to Congress, railed against the concept of political parties warning how political parties could misconstrue the people’s intentions for government.[3] James Madison in the Federalist Papers recognized “that men with freedom would inevitably form inherently oppressive parties.”[1] Nevertheless American political parties developed despite the intent of our founding fathers and the Constitution to become the most powerful political parties among Western democracies. Media saturation and growing campaign costs lead to the growth of the all-powerful juggernauts we know today as...
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