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Special Occasion Speech

Introduction: There are many talented players in the NBA and Kevin Durant has managed to become one of them.

Attention: Kevin Durant is only 23 years old and is taking the league by storm, he has led the league in points per game since he was 20 years old and still has not won an NBA regular season MVP trophy. In the era where players are trying to go straight into the NBA or any other sport and become professional athletes, Durant did at least one year in college at Texas and played for the Long Horns.

Thesis: I have watched Durant grow as a player ever since he was in college into when he was drafted second in the first round of the NBA Draft Pick by the previously known Seattle Supersonics, currently the Oklahoma Thunders. Durant deserves this MVP Award not only because of his talent but also because of leadership on and of the court.

I. Nature Of Award:

A. The nature of the NBA MVP Award is for it to be awarded to the player that is considered to be the best player in the league for that particular season. B. In order to be considered for the award a player most not only be good but his team most have a winning record. A way that a decision is made into who gets the award is by asking and seeing what team would not be nearly as good as they are now if a certain player most likely their leading score was not a part of the team. Other things considered are how well a player leads their team and there performance under clutch situations. C. Kevin Durant is not only a good player he is more then good. Durant has led the league in scoring for 3 years straight going into four with this season. According to NBA.com, a website design to have all the up do date information related to the National Basketball Association in these four years he averaged 25.3 in the 2008 season 30.2 in 2009, 27.7 in 2010 and 28 in this regular season. Before Kevin Durant came into this team, no one even mentioned them. There games...
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