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Topics: Conflict, 2008, Individual Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Gabriel Valadez
April 7, 2013
Conflict is a part of work. It is a disagreement resulting from individuals or groups that they have different attitudes, beliefs, values or needs. Conflict also a typical phenomenon of people’s relationship in workplace. Sometimes the individual is not aware of the need and unconsciously starts to act out. In the workplace conflict is one of the biggest problems for managers and employees to face. It is hard to find out conflict before it become a difficulty and resolve completely. Conflict does not go away if ignored. Conflict is mutual. It includes two different types: individual and group. Sometime it is obvious, but generally it is conceal. How can the managers recognize symptoms before the conflict take place so that the damage becomes the least? Here are some symptoms of conflict. They might include (Allagi Consulting 2008): * Not completing work on-time or to quality goal

* Gossip
* Not returning phone calls or e-mails
* Passive/aggressive behaviors
Then there are causes in the workplace. Causes of conflict are complex. Understand how conflict arises at work can be very helpful for anticipating situations that may become trouble. There are 3 major causes will lead to a workplace conflict, include (G Corkindale 2007): * Different cultures and assumptions

* Differing values, opinions and beliefs
* Poor people skills, especially communication
As say before, conflict is a normal and natural part of workplace, it influence the work can be done or not, well or bad. Dealing with workplace conflict can be rewarding. Conflicts that arise because of personality clashes can be made worse by organizational structures and personalities but addressing conflict in the workplace and resolving these issues can result in creative ideas, improvements, enhanced work relationships, and a healthier work environment. Personally me I was taught at Target Mobile that there is 5 different ways to handle these things which...
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