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Drunk driving has been a huge phenomenon in the United States and has taken lives of innocent people. Laws have been becoming stricter on this manner by raising fines and also jail time. This is to make people second guess themselves before putting themselves behind the wheel and putting innocent lives at risk. This doesn’t have an affect on everyone, but it does on some. Typically people from the ages 16-24 are the more common people to drive drunk. Now there are not many pros to drunk driving, but there sure are a lot of cons.


- Kids thinking before they drink and drive because of the strict laws

- Parents educating their friends and family from past innocents

- Makes people more cautious


- Killing or injuring an innocent person

- Die from a car accident

- Going to jail for drinking and driving

- Getting pulled over and get your license taken away

Those are just a few cons that come out of drunk driving. The risk is not worth taking because the consequences are severe. I hope this means something and you think before you get behind the wheel.

In 2011, the rate of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities per 100,000 population was 3.2, representing a 65% decrease since 1982, when record keeping began, and 49% since the inception of The Century Council in 1991. What this translates into is, for every 100,000 people in the US in 2011, slightly more than three people were killed in a drunk driving fatal crash, a rate that has been cut almost in half over the past two decades - down from a rate of 6.3 in 1991.

Alcohol-impaired driving fatalities accounted for 31% of the total vehicle traffic fatalities in 2011. Between 1991 and 2011, the rate of drunk driving fatalities per 100,000 population has decreased 49% nationally, and 63% among those under 21. These statistics and others are positive indicators of the gains being made to fight drunk driving, and while The Century Council cannot claim to be the sole influence in these reductions, it is likely we have played a significant role in reaching these historic low levels. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 32,367 people died in traffic crashes in 2011 in the United States (latest figures available), including an estimated 9,878 people who were killed in drunk driving crashes involving a driver with an illegal BAC (.08 or greater). Among the people killed in these drunk driving crashes, 66% were drivers (6,507), 27% were motor vehicle occupants (2,661), and 7% were non-occupants (710), with an average of one person dying in a drunk driving fatality every 53 minutes.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 32,885 people died in traffic crashes in 2010 in the United States (latest figures available), including an estimated 10,228 people who died in drunk driving crashes, accounting for 31% of all traffic deaths last year. Since NHTSA began recording alcohol-related statistics in 1982, drunk driving fatalities have decreased 52% from 21,113 in 1982. Since the inception of The Century Council and our national efforts to fight drunk driving, drunk driving fatalities have declined 35% from 15,827 in 1991. (Source: NHTSA/FARS, 2011)

In 2010, more than three people were killed in drunk driving fatalities for every 100,000 Americans. Between 1991, when The Century Council was founded, and 2010, the rate of drunk driving fatalities per 100,000 population decreased 48% nationally. (Source: NHTSA/FARS and US Census Bureau, 2011)

Americans take 233 billion trips in cars each year. Of those, about one out of every two thousand trips are taken by those who are driving under the influence of alcohol. Yet, almost one out of every three traffic deaths involve drunk driving.

So a proportionally tiny amount of bad behavior is one of the major causes of death and injury on our roadways.

Every 53 minutes on average, someone is killed in a drunk driving crash...
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