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Good Morning respected teacher, and my dear class fellows.
I am here to share with you all a product which could be very helpful to all the teachers, students and even the corporates. But before I begin with the details about this product, I want to ask a few questions from you all. Do you feel uncomfortable carrying your heavy books, registers, handouts and other notes, all the time to your classes? Have you ever forgotten your important notes at home and not having them during lectures? Don’t worry; here is the solution for it. (Slideshow 1)

This is “Kno eBook” with two digital screen displays. This electronic device is now being widely used over the world, mainly by university Professors, students and management. It comes with two 14-inch display screens, as big as your registers, with a weight of 2 kilograms, a tegra processor and 16 GB internal memory, a stylus pen and gives up to 10 hours of battery life. Some of the foreign universities have even sponsored this device to their students and teachers, however if we look at the current market price, it costs US$ 500. This would be a one-time expense and you can take benefit from it your entire life. (Slideshow 2)

Now I will discuss how this product can be helpful to you. If we look at this picture, we see two girls, one carrying the Kno eBook and the other one carrying a heavy school bag full of books. This shows the portability of this product and how it has eliminated the extra burden of carrying books. (Slideshow 3)

This picture here shows how easily you can share the information with your teacher and it can sum up the entire complex mathematical information on the blackboard, on the device. (Slideshow 4)
This picture here compares the physical library with the electronic library. This is the main feature of this product, where it can store all the information that is in physical library in its own electronic library. One person is referring to so many books at one time whereas the girl with this...
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