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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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Priscila Anne V. Aragon BSHRM II-C

To our beloved teacher, Mrs. Azalea Bartiquin, and to my dearest classmates, schoolmates visitors and friends, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

The time all had been waiting for has come. In this very day we tend to commit ourselves to another chapter of our blissful struggle for education.

Achievements, memories of burning midnight candles all come and go. We owe this to God who is guiding us to the path of righteousness, I myself will not be standing here, if it would not have been for my family, my mentors and friends, who helped me geared up to reach the goals of success.
As we look back on the last two years of our lives, we can pick out certain people in the class with exceptional talents and skills. Even though everyone does not have this extra ordinary abilities, each has developed his own gifts throughout the years. Finding and then developing talent, hobby or special interest can be one of the greatest achievements in a lifetime. One thing that is important to remember is that everyone has his own talent. Some people’s talents may attract a lot of attention but there are lots of gifts that don’t get the recognition which are just as important like making people laugh or even being organized or creative.

We had made another countless memories that I’ll treasure forever. You’ve helped me a lot through some difficult time and shared the joyous times in yours. I remember all those good times, the love, the laughter, how we pulled together through hard times and most of all, the feelings that we’ve shared to one another.

Someday, we may become a successful manager and hotelier. And now, we all set to face a major junction in our lives from a comfortable past to an unknown future. Some of us may feel helpless and vulnerable at the thought of losing our ocean of friends, but remember, we are never truly alone. If we have learned many things these past two years,...
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