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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Response to Martin Luther King’s essay “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” Henry Kabiling
Trident University International

Response to Martin Luther King’s essay “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”
I am disheartened to inform you that 50 years after you wrote this passionate letter that racism still exists, yet in a much lesser degree than your era. You’re desire to enlighten law authorities in a direct yet respectful manner is inspirational. I sit here as a US Airman in a deployed setting to respond to your letter from the future; a future that you may look back at your accomplishments as a non-violent freedom fighter and still see that racism continues in many ways. Allow me to briefly explain my position since you are a man of facts. “I am a Non-Commission Officer In charge of the logistics of medical supplies for the aid of all active duty military personnel within my current deployed location.” I am responsible for the supervision of two Navy Corpsman. One is an African American female and the other a White Caucasian male. I am challenged daily with issues concerning their relationship caused by their differences. My goal is to keep a positive working environment all around as it affects the mission. “My devotion and dedication to Christianity is unparalleled to yours.” “I cannot relate to your experiences but I do know that it definitely required help from the heavens to be non-violent under the conditions you were set upon.” Your teaching in equality has helped me counsel my subordinates to allow them to open their minds and understand each other and make moral decisions. Hussein Nishah said: “Treat people the way you want to be treated.” “Talk to people the way you want to be talked to”. “Respect is earned not given.” “It only makes sense that if we live by this quote that racism will not exist, freedom will not be threatened,...
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