Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Instant messaging Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: February 17, 2013
You’re in the car driving to your destination and the next thing you know that your cell phone received a message or a phone call. You decided to look at the text message or answer the phone. You’re on the phone texting back or talking and you started to pay more attention to your phone instead the road, and then BANG! You’re on the side of the road with a broken back, neck with a concussion or worse dead. This could easily be avoided if the person ignored the cell phone and pay attention to the road. Good morning/Afternoon Mrs. Patterson and my fellow students. Today I will be talking about why using your cell phone is dangerous while driving and how it should be banned. Cell phones are troublesome while driving. When a driver keeps talking or listening to music he/she is not supposed to focus off the road. A cell phone makes a great difference. It is not forbidden to talk to a passenger but it is not recommended to talk to an invisible cell phone communicator. The use of cell phones is the most common distraction, but the use of a hand-held cell phone increases the risk by 1.3 times, which is less than reaching for items on the seat or in the glove compartment. Over in the United States, they prohibited drivers from using hand-held cell phones, irrespective of weather conditions: at all times, not only on wet and icy roads when a driver decides on dialling or text messaging. According to recent research, a driver talking over a cell phone is four times more endangered to collide with another vehicle than a driver who does not use a cell phone while driving. Cell phone distraction causes 2600 deaths in the United States annually. Drivers may be allowed to use cell phones in traffic jams but they must be fined if they use a cell phone while driving at moderate or high speeds, at crossroads, and on twisting and turning roads. Can you do without using your cell phone while driving? The use of cell phones may result in a driver's slower reaction while breaking or...
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