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English 1A
27 April 2012
Death penalty
The death penalty is one time punishment, usually imposed on one, by the court of law. It follows as a punishment against acts caused against humanity. One may receive a death penalty after being proved guilty of an act like murder. Mostly, a crime involving death receives a penalty of death. One may also be sentenced to death after being proved guilty of robbery with violence. All these are crimes that the criminal justice court endeavours to eliminate from a given society. That is why the criminal justice system has embraced the death penalty for a long time to punish such inhuman crimes. However, as it has been the tradition, this penalty is imposed on a criminal found guilty at the discretion of the judge in line with the law governing a given country. This implies that not all murder cases or robbery with violence cases has been punished by the death penalty. The circumstances surrounding the crime committed according to the discretion of the judge will influence such a penalty. Many countries have embraced such a method of eliminating crimes to do with murder through death penalties. This followed after the first man was sentenced to death in 1622. This was the execution of Daniel Frank charged with some theft crime. It was not even murder. From that time, this form of punishment became a common phenomenon. As some countries limited the death penalty to murder and robbery with violence cases, some countries went an extra mile of including several other crimes. For instance, the People’s Republic of China uses this punishment against some crimes that are non-violent. An example of such a crime onto which the death sentence is applicable in this state is a crime involving drug and general business. Their main intention, perhaps, is to discourage and totally reduce some of these crimes. Nevertheless, even though some nations have fully embraced this punishment, some countries have totally outlawed it. They do not use it anymore and have been discouraged because of various effects accompanying this penalty (Dudley 45). Indeed, there are several effects that the death penalty has on the public. The most affected by the death penalty is the family of the person that has been executed. However, the criminal justice system and society are also affected by this penalty. It is indeed an unacceptable penalty to humanity. One cannot eliminate murder by committing murder. It is common knowledge that this will be but worsening the situation. One cannot and should not pay evil for evil, but instead evil should be repaid with good. Peradventure, the good will eliminate the evil. When evil is avenged with evil, then it means there will be two or more evils. Analysing the situation afterwards shows that it will be much worse than when the first evil was committed. This is because several other people and things not involved in committing the first evil may be affected by the subsequent evils aimed at revenging the first evil. However, this does not suggest that the criminal justice system should abandon its role. Indeed, the criminal justice system plays a vital role in granting justice wherever it is due. All those who commit crimes should fully face justice and receive punishment accordingly. The justice should be full since it is often said that half justice is not justice at all. Therefore, this article does not intent to render the criminal justice system, powerless or jobless. It only seeks to strengthen the methods of punishment used and discourage some of the methods used that are not punishment at all. This includes methods like the death penalty. Essentially, a punishment is aimed at correcting a mistake that has been committed. This is a noble cause because, after the punishment, it is likely that the mistake may not be repeated. However, when a punishment method is beyond correcting and discouraging a mistake from being repeated, then it obviously loses its value. The good value of...
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