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Topics: High school, Teacher, Education Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Andrew Powell
Comm.110 Jack Byer
MWF 8am-8:50am

Outline for Tribute Speech
Specific Purpose: | To pay tribute to my favorite teacher. | Central Idea:| History teacher George Hanlon influenced many aspects of my life through examples of humor, compassion and courage.| | |

I. High school is the four years that students either anticipate or loathe entirely. I myself dreaded the thought of high school because it would be a new experience and worried whether the pressure to succeed would get me. In my first year, I was never the most popular or the best student. At times I felt like giving up and dropping out, but with help of family and friends I persevered. However, the person who deserves the most credit for me staying in school was Mr. George Hanlon, my history teacher for sophomore, junior and senior year. II. Certainly, all of us have had teachers who evoked strong emotions, both positive and negative, but Hanlon was simply unflawed. III. Mr. Hanlon was the epitome of humor, compassion and courage as he proved both in his professional and personal lives. (Transition: Now, I want to give you an example of why his humor was such a valuable tool in teaching to his students.) Body

I. Everyone enjoys a good laugh, whether it is simple one-liner or a long, complex story leading to an uproarious pun. In school, Mr. Hanlon’s humor was kept clean and always left his students hunched over desks with laughter. A. I knew most of the teachers on my roster sophomore year; little did I know that the man whose job it was to teach me about history, that his teachings would stretch far beyond the classroom. B. One day as we were going over World War II, Mr. Hanlon assigned a group conversation about Pearl Harbor but looked quite puzzled walking back to his desk. I raised my hand to ask what was troubling him and he said, “Drew I’ve met veterans of that fateful day and their stories have forever changed my...
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