Speckled Band

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Characterisation in The Speckled Band

You have now completed PEE work on a character:
Sherlock Holmes
Dr Roylott
Helen Stoner

Choose one character to write an essay response on the folliwng quesiotn:

What do we learn bout the character of Sherlock Holmes / Dr Roylott / Helen Stoner (delete as appropriate) in The Adventure of the Speckled Band?

You will write a paragraph on each of the following features of their character. What do we learn about their: •Appearance
What they say
What happens to them in the story (their role)

Once you have gathered your ideas, you need to write an introduction and conclusion for your writing.

State your thesis – whom are you writing about? What have you learned about them? How has Conan Doyle presented them to us? What is their role in the story?

Summarise what we have learned about the character and how you have been made to respond to them as a result of the how they have been presented to us.

Now we need to start putting our writing together into paragraphs, with topic sentences, supporting sentences (incorporating PEE) and concluding sentences …

Incorporating Quotations into your Writing
You will need to use words and phrases to connect your PEE ideas within your body paragraphs. Use noun phrases to help you introduce your POINTS, e.g.:
Doyle’s treatment of X is…Doyle’s view of X is…
By describing X as …Doyle presents X as…

The use of imagery, for example ..shows…Doyle describes X’s appearance / behaviour as ….

Use phrases that will usefully link your POINT with EVIDENCE from the text, e.g.: is shown when … for instance …
is revealed by …when he says …
is used to show …which is stressed by …
is emphasised in the way that …is suggested by …
is seen in the words …is illustrated when …
for example …

Use phrases that will helpfully link EVIDENCE from the text with your explanation of the EFFECT it has on the reader,...
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