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Specimen Exam Paper

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Academic Session….
Specimen Examination Paper

BMG501/03 Management in Organisations
Time: 3 Hours

Instructions to candidates: 1. Please check that this examination paper consists of material before you begin the examination. 2. This paper consists of 2 sections: Part A ( case study- compulsory section) Attempt all questions Part B (5 short essay questions) – Answer any 3 questions. 3. No books, dictionaries, notes or any other written materials are allowed in this examination . 4. You are not allowed to remove this question paper from the examination venue. 6 pages of printed

Section A Case Study
(40 marks)

Read the case study given below and answer the questions given at the end of the case: SCHNEIDER NATIONAL Schneider National is a transportation and logistics firm. Begun in 1935, the private company now operates 14,000 trucks and 40,000 trailers that haul freight 5 million miles per day. Revenues are approximately RM2.4 billion a year. The company has had only three leaders. The first was the founder Don Schneider; the second was his son, Donald; and in August 2002, the first non family member took the helm when Chris Lofgren was made CEO, replacing Schneider who was 67 years old. But it wasn’t as if the company wasn’t making preparations for executive leadership. Don Schneider told his board of directors in 1988 that their primary task was finding a successor. Lofgren joined the company in 1994 as a vice president and became a chief operating officer in 2000. After being appointed COO, Lofgren began to lay the framework for the six-person executive group that today shares many of the company’s strategic responsibilities. Everyone who knows Don Schneider concedes that he’s a tough act to follow. “Don is an icon,” says another top Schneider executive. “He probably commands more respect in transportation and logistics than anybody in the industry.” Says Lofgren, “Our approach has been to put together an executive team...

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