Specification Sheet for Sociology Project

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Specification Sheet for Sociology Project:

1. Pick a Sociologically related topic that you are passionate about researching. Most topics can be viewed from a sociological angle. Research the topic on JWU library databases; Lexis Nexis, Academic Premier, Funk & Wagnalls etc. —as well as others that can be found on the Internet. Then write up a 5-7 page paper, double spaced and typed, filled with passion and Zeitgeist. The general structure of the paper should include, the introduction to the topic, body of the paper, and action packed conclusion. If you are doing a power point in conjunction with video make sure those projects spring from a solid research base equal to 5-7 pages of research.

2. Power Points and flash drive video, should spring from your solid research, whereby the script of the power Point you are narrating can either be integrated and woven into the power point—and video flash; or passed in as a separate addendum to the project.

3. If you are making an action packed video of about 30 minutes in length—the text and script can be integrated into the video—whereby you conclude a narrative summary at the end of the video. Or include the summary in written form in conjunction with the video.

4. If you are working as a team, make sure the project has the exponential integrity relative to the rubric above as it relates to the size, scope, depth and breadth of #’s 1-3 listed above, times the number of team members. So each member of the team adds an equal share of work to the project.

5. Presentations will start on week 6 and continue to the end of the course. I will pass out a sign-up sheet for you to pick a date relative to when you anticipate being ready to present.
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