Specific Heat Capacity

Topics: Specific heat capacity, Heat, Thermodynamics Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Cebu Institute of Technology University
Physics 202

Taboada, Marie Floina June L. BSIE 2 December ,2012 (Name, Course, Year) (Date Submitted) Experiment no. 1 Group No./Time/Day:6/7:30-10:30/Wednesday

I. Title:

Specific Heat of Solids

II. Object:

To determine the specific heat capacity of solids by methods of mixtures.

III. Apparatus:

Lead and Iron shots, Electric heater, Calorimeter, Dipper, 2 Thermometers, Water bath, Set of Masses, Trip Scale balance, Extension cords.

IV. Data and Results:

Item Observed | Symbol| Unit | Sample Used(Lead (Pb))| Sample Used (Iron (Fe))| Mass of inner cup| mc| Grams | 63.4| 63.4| Mass of water| mw| Grams| 150| 150| Mass of sample| ms | Grams| 45.6| 129.7| Initial temp.of H2On& cup| Ti| C| 21| 21| Initial temp.of sample| Ti| C| 29.3| 31.4| Final temp.of mixture| Tf| C| 25| 26| Specific heat of cup| Cc| Cal/g C| 0.217| 0.217| Specific heat of water| Cw| Cal/g C| 1| 1| Specific heat of sample(computed)| Cc| Cal/g C| 0.128| 0.448| Specific heat of sample(standard)| Cs| Cal/g C| 0.0305| 0.107| Error| % E| %| 2.16%...
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