Specific Capacity of Solid Using Method of Mixture

Topics: Heat, Specific heat capacity, Thermodynamics Pages: 3 (678 words) Published: January 23, 2013
IB Physics Lab: Finding Specific Heat Capacity of a Solid using Method of Mixtures| VISHWASHANTI GURUKUL Department of science-Physics Year: 2012-14 Level: HL| Name of candidate: ………………………………………………Date: 08/01/2013 Name of Teacher: Chandra Sekhar Mogilisetti

“Professor Lieber notes that using copper in the manufacture of coffee cups is not the wisest choice.”

Specific Heat Capacity of Solid

In this lab you will be assessed on the following criteria: * Data collection and Processing
* Conclusion and Evaluation

1. To determine the specific heat capacity of a given metallic solid using the method of mixtures. 2. To obtain the values of specific heat capacities of different materials from other groups and compare them. 3. To postulate which metal among those studied could be used to build a space rocket which should be light, strong and not get heated up much on re-entry. 4. To postulate which metal among those studied could be used to build a cooking vessel which should be heavy, and get heated up quickly.

When substances at different temperatures are brought into contact they experience thermal
interaction. During this interaction heat is lost by the warmer substance and gained by the cooler
substance. This process continues until both substances are at the same temperature. The ability
of matter to transfer heat depends on its mass and temperature (as well as what the matter is!).
When heat is gained or lost by a substance (and there is no phase change of the substance), the
temperature of the substance rises or falls in accordance with the following relationship:
Q = mcΔT where Q = heat absorbed or released (in J), ΔT = change in temperature (in °C), m
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