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Specialized Patrol Funtions

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Specialized Patrol Funtions

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Specialized Patrol Functions

When the streets become chaotic, and the neighborhoods are no longer safe, the communities turn to the help and security of the police departments. Among these duties, a police officer is responsible for traffic conduct, protecting live and property, resolving conflicts, preventing and controlling crime and above all, maintain peace and order. Many police officers specialize in different areas of the department, to help eliminate certain criminal activity in the communities. Such specialized functions are gang, and drug enforcements. Many people feel that when specialized police focus on one area, they alienate another section of the community. In the following paragraphs, I will explain how these specialized functions serve their purposes, for the betterment of the communities as a whole.

When specialized police serve the community, they are helping eliminate problems by sections, to solve problems as a whole. By conducting effective policing in this manner, they could eliminate the small problems, before they become big ones. If officers specialize only for the drug enforcement unit, and he/she take a good amount of drug dealers off the street, than that alone could eliminate the possibility of other crimes from occurring such as murder, homicide, or robbery. That is the same for gang control units. When police focus on gangs, they could eliminate drug traffic and violent activities. Many problems of the communities are gang related, most gangs do everything together, sell drugs, participate in robberies, drive by shootings, and have turf wars. By policing in special units, these problems are being solved by focusing on one group but helping the community completely.

Policing in specialized units, could also cause a positive establishment with the community. When citizens of the community see the positive effects from police hard work and efforts, which help clean the streets, this could lead to the community's...

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