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Health Communication Management
In this term paper I am going to touch upon the effects of health communication on patients and it’s implementations at the hospital&environment.At first I will mention about the general characteristics(definition) of health communication and how it is applied in 21st century,secondly I will refer to communication channels in Hc management(professional medical communications,consumer based communication channels).During these explanations I will transpose real time experiences and implementations of Universal Hospitals Group that the way they are dealing with health communication.

As to mention shortly about the definition of communication it is; 1. Exchange of information,between individuals,for example, by means of speaking,writing,or using a common system of signs and behaviors; 2. Message- a spoken or written message; 3. Act of communicating; 4.Rapport- a sense of mutual understanding and sympathy; 5.Acess- a means of Access or communication,for example,a connecting door’’Communicating involves two or more persons,behavioral processes such as motivation,attitudes,perception,leadership,experience and feelings play important roles.Taking in consideration health communication should be based on a two-way exchange of information that uses a ‘’common system of signs and behaviors’’.It should be acessible and create ‘’mutual feelings of understanding and sympathy’’ among members of the communication team and intended audiences(all audiences the health communication program is seeking to influence and engage in the communication process;also reffered to as target audiences).Moreover,communication channels(the means or path used to reach intended audiences with health communication messages and materials,such as the mass media) and messages are the ‘connecting doors’’ that allow health communication interventions to reach intended audiences.Valid information is needed by healthcare facility to function effectively.Communication provides the key to this important resource.A hospital devotes much activity to gathering and processing information from the moment the patient enter the facility until the patient is discharged.Serious consequences can arise when communications are minimal,become misunderstood,break down,or do not exist.By effective communication policies,procedures and rules be formulated and carried out.Furthermore,only with such communication can misunderstandings be ironed out,long-term and short term plans achieved, and activities within a department coordinated and controlled.It will also help create the right organizational mind-set and capability that should lead to a successful use of communication approaches to reach audience specific goals. Health Communication Defined

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) define health communication as ‘the study and use of communication strategies to inform and influence individual and community decisions that ehcance health’(2001;U.S Department of Health and Human Services,2005).Healthy People 2010 definition of health communication as ‘the art and technique of informing,influencing and motivating individual,institutional,and public audiences about important health issues’(U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,2005,p.11-2).Communication,especially about life-and-death matters such as in health care,is a long-term strategic process.It requires a true understanding of target audiences as well as the communicator’s willingness and ability to adapt and redefine the goals,strategies and activities of communication on the bases of audience feedback.Moreover health communication should embrace the philosophy ‘to support and sustain change’.In fact, key elements of sucessful health communication programs or campaigns always include long-term program sustainability,as well as the development of communication tools and steps that make it easy for individuals,communities,and other audiences to adopt or sustain...
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