Special K External Analysis

Topics: Nutrition, Marketing, Porridge Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Question1. Market Definition from a customer defined market for Special K The product I choose is the cereals Special K from the very well-known brand Kellogg’s. As it is an international brand, I chose to be more specific, and only to focus on this product in France. As we all know, Special K is famous brand for its low fat and nutritional cereals, as a consequence those two factors will be our primary benefits. See figure 1.1

In this case, our primary benefit is the fact that Special K is low fat cereals. Our fifth level of competition is the budget competition. As we are from a customer perspective, and as our product is cereals, we figured that the customer’s money depend on the Food and Entertainment. As we see, “Food and Entertainment” is very wide, and can be developed in several domains such as breakfast food, hot beverage and even cinema. We are now going to establish the main type of food for breakfast: we have bread, cereals and oat flakes, furthermore as a consequence, those brand product figure to be competing against Special K. We notice then, different types of cereals, such as kids’ cereals, low fat cereals and very nutritive cereals, as Special K is known to be low fat cereals, we know that there are different brands for low fat cereals, such as Kellogg’s, Nestle or Jordan’s. To finish, our first level is product variant, here for our product the variant is to be low fat and nutritional. As we can see every time we go down a level, our product and its competitors become more and more precise!

See Figure 1.2
Now our primary benefit is the fact that Special K is nutritional cereals. As we can see the competitors are not the same, as we are more on the healthy aspect. As our generic competition level is functional nutrition, Special K competes against pharmaceutics nutrition or even tasty food. We again developed this last level into functional breakfast food, functional snack and functional beverage. As we all know, Special K is a nutritional...
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