Special K Case

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Kellogg is a U.S. company, which offers the Special k cereal and accompanying products (cereals in different flavors as well as granola bars and protein shakes) that are healthier options for people who are aware of their diet and want a better lifestyle. Kellogg expands the market by targeting women who skip breakfast to stay slim. The marketing strategy helps to position the brand as a healthy alternative. The commercials we chose offer a weight management plan designed to lose weight in 2 weeks by consuming Special K products. The commercials chosen are both from the same campaign and the same year- 2009. In this report we have taken into consideration different international advertising factors to show Kellogg’s international advertising strategy. In this report we used several factors of international ad models to determine that Kellogg uses a hybrid international marketing strategy. Hybrid Advertising Strategy see table 1

Based on the environmental analysis below, we concluded that Kellogg’s uses a hybrid strategy known as pattern advertising (1). We considered these environmental factors: •Political and legal: Kellogg uses a global approach because both countries have similar advertising regulations; therefore, there is no need for diversification. •Economic: Kellogg’s uses a global approach because both ads target the same market consisting of middle and upper class working women who have a similar income, age, and knowledge of healthy lifestyle. •Sociocultural: Kellogg’s uses a local approach because in the American advertisement the idea of time and logic is very important. In contrast, in the Mexican advertisement Kellogg appeals to emotions and the idea of personal satisfaction. •Technological: Kellogg’s uses a global approach because they are aware that their target markets, who are middle to upper class working women, have the technology (television, internet) to see the commercials. Creative Execution see table 1

Creative execution, or the manner in which ads are carried out and presented, is different for U.S. and Mexican ads. The impact of the message depends not only on what is said but also on how it is said in these ads (2). Messages are presented in a mix of different execution styles: •Straight sell: is presented in both ads. Here, the straight sell relies on the specific benefits/attributes of the product-the target audience can lose 3 kilos in 2 weeks (Mexico)/6 lbs in 2 weeks (U.S.) with the help of Special K products. Both ads show that by buying Special K products, the target audience will enjoy the reward of weight loss. •Rational vs. emotional argument: the rational argument, or the supporting claim, is presented in the U.S. ad by stating that loosing weight will lead to the “healthier new you.” This is because in the U.S. the rational argument appeals to the monochromatic culture with low power distance like U.S. On the other hand, the emotional appeal is demonstrated in the Mexican ad when it shows the woman feeling great about herself. The emotional appeals to collectivistic cultures with high power distance like Mexico. •Demonstration: the actual use is seen only in the Mexican ad because Mexico is a collectivistic culture heavily relying on the opinion of family, friends, etc. so therefore the target audience is able to connect with the woman eating and enjoying the Special K cereals. High-context cultures, like Mexico, are relational, collectivist, intuitive, and contemplative. Therefore, women in Mexico need to relate to the everyday situation when using Special K products. Americans rely on reason and individualism and therefore they don’t have the need to connect with the woman in the ad. •Slice of life: both ads portray a real-life situation involving a problem-not being able to fit into jeans- and then both ads focus on how to resolve the problem by eating Special K, losing weight, and finally fitting into those jeans again. The slice of life is effective for...
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