Special Treatment

Topics: Murder, Adolescence, Death Penalty Pages: 4 (1535 words) Published: April 21, 2013
We all see adults on the news about adults robing small stores, homes, or sometimes even bank robberies gone wrong and someone gets hurt, it’s not a rare thing. Then you see a teen doing the same thing and suddenly everyone is watching it and putting their two cents in. We all watch, but never take a second look to think about how it feels for this struggling family that has lost someone. Now imagine your parents were murdered by a teen such as a story you would see in the news. Your parents flee to leave the store and out of fear the teen shoots and kills your parents. Would you want this 17 year old to sit in juvenile detention for a year until he turns 18 because he is not yet legally an adult? Wouldn’t you rather have them be put in jail for the adult crime they committed? Teenagers who commit adult crimes should be treated as such. Just because they are under the legal age that is considered an “adult”, doesn’t give them any reason to receive special treatment. There is not a significant difference is a teens brain from ages 16-18. O Some teens are not considered adults in trials but this does not mean they aren’t capable of understanding their actions. Others argue that the teens that their brains are still developing, therefore they aren’t fully aware what they are doing. The teens who commit heinous crimes know exactly what they are doing and should be punished for their actions. The way to fix this problem is simple, have teens over the age of 16 charged with first or second degree murder be tried as adults. This will in time change people mentality towards the overused statement “kids are kids”. The reason the court system should continue trying teens as adults is because teens should not receive special treatment because of their age. The author, Jessica Wilde, believes children should not have special treatment due to their age. She gives examples of teens and heinous crimes they have committed. She believes age related excused should not be made....
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