Special Revelation

Topics: Christianity, Religion, God Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Revelation can be defined as “information revealed or information that is newly disclosed, especially surprising, or valuable” (www.dictionary.com). The General Revelation and the Special Revelation are two ways that God has chosen to show Himself to us. The General Revelation is the general truths that can be known about God through nature. It gives us some idea as to who our Creator is by seeing it through nature. It is a general understanding of who our Creator is and how amazing He is and we can see it all around us. The Special Revelation is specific truths that can be knows about God through special means. So Special Revelation could be something like having visions of God or the Holy Spirit talking to you. It is more personal or supernatural to us and doesn’t happen every day.

Revelation is very significant in the Christian worldview because it helps us understand who God is and how we can be in His likeness. In the Bible, Genesis tells us exactly how God created this world and the human race. It tells you how God created the Earth in seven days and how we came to be. This is significant because it helps us learn about our Creator and how we started on this Earth. Christians read about creation and can somewhat understand God and how amazing He is. This is important because it shows Christians how their God created them. It is their beginning point of the Christianity and worshiping God. It is the beginning of their belief and that is obviously very important. The Sermon on the Mount describes what our life should be like while we live in faith, in our thoughts, words, and actions. Jesus said six times in Chapter 5, “You have heard it said, or But I tell you...” He was calling people to a new life instead of a legal system, which the Pharisees had put upon the people. There are many lessons that you can learn from the Sermon on the Mount. It shows us how to live a life that is pleasing to our Lord and how to demonstrate a way to happiness.

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