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Special Populations

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  • April 2012
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WIC Programs
Trina Ricks
Special Populations
Professor Adriane Niare
September 5, 2011

The WIC program primarily serves the low income families mostly women and children. The offices in most states are centrally located and easy to access. Each county in Georgia has about two locations which is not adequate for the number of women that need these services. Georgia population has almost tripled in the last ten years. There are lots of illegal immigrants in the area who apply for services and this helps to contribute to the long wait time in the offices. The women who apply for services have to be pregnant, breastfeeding or have children under the age of five. The program is funded by the government and requires participants to meet certain income guidelines. Most individuals meet the income guidelines but for a family of one you have to make less then twenty thousand; this may need to be increased to allow people who are underemployed and need the services. With the growing population of people loosing income the program is seeing an increase in people applying for services. This is going to require the government to increase funding to ensure no one is deprived of getting the help they need. Public funded programs are always at risk of funds getting cut. (Lifestyle/News/Assignment Editors April 9) (“WIC benefits are in jeopardy because of a U.S. House bill called the Agriculture and FDA Appropriations bill that would trim $650 million from the WIC program for fiscal year 2012”). WIC has proven effective in preventing and improving nutrition related health problems within the low income community. This program is federally funded and is aimed at ensuring that women in low income households are not deprived of getting the assistance they need to care for themselves during pregnancy. WIC is a program that definitely needs to always be funded by the government because it is evident that women, infant and children benefit from it....

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