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Everyone has that place that they can call special sometime in their life. I have many special places in my life, but there is one in particular that I am going to talk about. The Van Duyn jungle park is my most special place. I spent a lot of my childhood there with family and friends. It holds most of my childhood memories.

The jungle park was the place where all the neighborhood kids went to play. It was right in next to the candy store and the elementary school so it was the easiest place to get to. It had a slide, monkey bars and twelve swings. There was also a basketball court and a football field, which had two goal posts for the older kids to play football. It made me a little sad that the older kids wouldn’t let me play with them.

The main reason why I put the jungle park in the category of special places is because it was where my grandpa would take me when he was alive. I was in kindergarten when my grandma and grandpa would come pick my two cousins and I up after school and take us to the park. We would play at the park for hours and he would buy us ice-pops and sweets if we asked. It was a great place to go and play for hours because it always felt like summer and there was always something you could do to keep yourself occupied. My grandpa would tell us that he was taking us to the park to tire us out, but between me and you I think he wanted to go to have fun with us. He would get on the swings with me and my cousins and sometimes give us under dogs while my grandma sat on the bench reading her books.

Everyone has a special place sometime in their life. I wouldn’t trade my place for all the money in the world. All of the joy, laughter and fun that jungle park brought is priceless. The only thing that could replace my childhood memories at jungle park would be going back and doing it all over again.
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