Special Education Laew and Litigation

Topics: Special education, Citation, Law Pages: 4 (1083 words) Published: December 9, 2012
SPE-350 Special Education Litigation and Law
Benchmark Assessment and Rubric
Targeted Essential Learning
* Special education teachers must know legal liabilities and rights pertaining to student, parent, and teachers. Special education teachers recognize that special education practice is heavily regulated and are able to define relevant laws and policies that related to specific special education. (APTS 8, 9; INTASC 1; CEC 1, 9) Assessment Tool Selected

* Essay
Specific Performance/Task(s)
Articulate relevant educational laws and ethics pertaining to student, parent, and teacher rights and responsibilities. (APTS 8.13) Explain state and federal laws, rules, and regulations as they pertain to special education. (APTS 9.2) Identify legal responsibilities of teachers (special and general) in accordance with special education laws, rules, and regulations. (APTS 9.2) Define relevant laws and policies that relate to specific special education situations. (CEC 1.2) Analyze influential historical events and human issues in special education from various points of view. (CEC 1.3) Apply ethical/professional standards, follow legal parameters, and keep within limits of practice in the design and implementation of instruction, decision-making, and collaborative interactions with students, families, colleagues, and agencies. (CEC 9.1) Relevancy of Task to Teacher Candidate

* In the special education classroom setting, teachers must comply with laws and rights pertaining to the field of special education. Assessment: Student Prompts/Teacher Directions
* Discovering the Relationship Between the Law and Your School (Benchmark Assessment) Use the GCU eLibrary to research information beyond what is provided in the course materials to explore the law and its application to special education issues covered in this course. Explore state departments of education Web sites to investigate the laws of your state and other states as well as their application to...
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