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Essay Exam 2

The professional develop for the teachers would include an overview or introduction to functional behavior assessments and behavior intervention plans, and how the components are completed and utilized. Some teachers feel as if they do not have to teach life skills or skills that help students function, believing that they were strictly hired to teach their content and not get involved with the other emotions and social issues that students bring with them every day.

Teacher Professional Development

Students may enter your classroom with academic issues which we have strategies to intervene and or to make adaptations to instruction to assist students. In addition to academic issues students may have, they may also have behavior problems and we must utilize strategies to help student minimize or eliminate inappropriate behaviors, which usually interfere with students’ academic progress.

There are several recommendations, which I am going to discuss today and provide a sample lesson plan using the Madeline Hunter format. This workshop will take place over a few Wednesday’s to make sure that information is covered thoroughly and teachers have the opportunity to test some of the strategies, ask questions, share information and reflect on the experience. We will review a case study of a student name Frank who has several issues academically and behaviorally.

All behavior is purposeful and serves some function for students. A functional assessment involves engaging in activities to identify (1) environmental factors that affect the performance of a behavior and the desired outcome that behavior serves, and (2) a replacement behavior that is an appropriate way for student to obtain a desired goal.

Teachers can follow these steps to help to reduce problematic behavior that interferes with the ability of students to attend to and engage fully in instructional activities:

1. Identify the specifics of the problem behavior and...
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